Creamy Macaroon Scarf

I am in a process of creating another pattern. I usually start by crocheting something and if I like it, I crochet it again and create a pattern while I do it. Then I ask someone else to try to crochet according to my instructions and often crochet the item once more myself. So I usually end up with 3-4 items for each pattern. I could of course take up the yarn while I do it, but I enjoy giving the items away for other people or selling them in ETSY. This one is currently for sale here.

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Posted on Sun, 16 Nov 2014

Knitting needles


Next year's promise - take up knitting again!

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Posted on Fri, 7 Nov 2014

Yarn Store in Brno Czech Republic

A while ago, I spent a week in Brno, Czech Republic, teaching a course in the local university. Since I was there for business I didn't expect to go to any yarn stores, but it seems like the universe wants to send me a message (I think it wants to tell me something along the lines of: Quit your day job and devote your life on yarn already!!) As I was walking to my hotel from the uni, I came across a nice little yarn store which I just had to catch on my camera. It is right in the heart of the city centre, so if you ever happen to find yourself in Brno and feel a sudden urge to knit a bit (one never knows - it could happen!), then that's the place to go. The store looked like this and it's address is Rasinova 1:

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Posted on Wed, 5 Nov 2014

Northern Lights Tablet Sleeve

I needed a sleeve for my IPad mini. I found a picture of this star stitch crochet pattern in a 80 year old German (!) handicraft book and yes - it was all in German. No instructions, just a picture. It took me a while to figure out, but it was totally worth it! Tradition meets technology.

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Posted on Sun, 2 Nov 2014

Ivory Tower Skirt

This skirt is super warm - perfect for the coming winter! At first, I was a bit hesitant about the yarn and thought that it would just be too woolly, but it turned out to be a very flattering fabric. If you would like to give it a go, the pattern for this skirt is available for instant download in my ETSY and Craftsy stores and has a page in Ravelry


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Posted on Tue, 30 Sep 2014

Groovy Trousers

Just had some yarn left and decided to have fun :)

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Posted on Sun, 28 Sep 2014

Jolly Strider Boots

The pattern is available for instant download in my ETSY and Craftsy stores and has a page in Ravelry.

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Posted on Sun, 28 Sep 2014